• About Me

    I'm a research fellow with a joint appointment between Harvard Medical School and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. My main research interests revolve around the design and implementation of probabilistic machine learning solutions for large dynamic and stationary datasets. I am also interested in information geometry, especially with respect to ensemble learning in deep neural networks.


    Prior to this, I received my PhD in Statistics and Computational Biology from the University of Cambridge, where I was fortunate to be advised by Dr. Florian Markowetz. During my undergraduate studies at Warwick University, I had the pleasure of working as a Data Science intern (summer 2012) at Sunofia Advisors, a boutique London-based Hedge Fund.


    Please check out my Google Scholar profile or my CV for more information about me.

  • Papers

    Probabilistic Modeling

    Cancer Data Informatics

  • Teaching Experience

    I have taught in both the BCS department at MIT (as a co-lecturer and a graduate student project advisor) and the SEAS department at Harvard (as a Teaching Fellow). During my PhD, I served as an intern supervisor at the CRUK department in the University of Cambridge.


    MIT - Brain + Cognitive Sciences Department

    • 9.272J/HST.576J Topics in Neural Signal Processing

    Teaching Fellow

    Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    • ENG-SCI 201 Decision Theory